Terms of service

MJ International (a sole proprietorship, hereinafter referred to as "our company") operates Catamaran Japan (hereinafter referred to as "this website") on the internet. By using this website, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "these terms").

Please note that we may change these terms without notice, so please check the latest content from time to time. Also, this website is linked to a store cart and various SNSs, but when using these services, you need to agree to the terms of use listed therein as well.

Definition of users and members
These terms apply to all persons using this website, regardless of whether we can identify the individual user or not.

Intellectual Property
(A) Copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to all content (including but not limited to text, photos, videos, music) posted on this website belong to our company or are used based on a license or other legitimate authority.

It is prohibited to use it for purposes other than your own personal use, or to reproduce, publicly transmit, distribute, modify, remove, or reprint on your website without the permission of our company or each rights holder.

(B) The rights related to each trademark, emblem, logo, trade name, etc. posted on this website and on this website belong to our company or are used based on a license or other legitimate authority. Actions such as using these without the permission of our company or each rights holder are prohibited by trademark laws, etc. If you wish to use them, please obtain permission from our company or each rights holder.

Our company does not always guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, reliability, safety, etc., of the contents posted on this website, and the website and its contents may be changed or deleted without notice. Unless otherwise provided in these Terms, we shall not be liable for any damages arising from errors in the contents, changes or deletions, system malfunctions or failures, intrusions into this website by third parties, disputes in commercial transactions, or suspensions of operation of this website, regardless of the reason.

Prohibited Acts
In using this website, the following acts (including acts that induce or prepare for them) are prohibited.

(A) Acts that are detrimental or damaging to our company and its affiliates or third parties, or that have the potential to do so.

(B) Acts that defame or slander our company and our affiliate's products and services, or that have the potential to do so.

(C) Acts that defame or slander the officers or employees of our company and its affiliates, or that have the potential to do so.

(D) Acts that harm our company's credit or dignity, such as those against public order and morals, or that have the potential to do so.

(E) Criminal acts or acts that lead to criminal acts, or that have the potential to do so.

(F) Acts that violate the laws, regulations, or ordinances of Japan or the country or region where the user is located when using, or that have the potential to do so.

(G) Acts that may cause the misconception that our company and our affiliates have some kind of affiliation or cooperative relationship, or that our company recognizes, guarantees, supports, or recommends the source site.

(H) Actions that carry out links in a form that undermines the clarity of this website, such as frame links.

About Links

(A) It is possible to link to this website (including posting the URL of this website in publications such as magazines and books) on the condition that all the usage conditions specified on this website are complied with, regardless of profit or non-profit. However, you may not link from a website that posts content that is contrary to public order and morals, or that is illegal or that may be illegal. When linking, please link to the top page (https://www.catamaranjapan.com) as much as possible.

(B) If you wish to link from a profit-oriented website or a website for commercial use, please contact us in advance. However, please note that we may not be able to respond to your request.

(C) This website contains links to other websites. These linked websites are managed under the responsibility of each individual corporation or individual, and are not under the control of our company. Our company does not endorse the content of linked websites and assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by their content or use.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any dispute related to these Terms or this website shall be resolved by the court having jurisdiction over the location of our company's head office.

Changes to Terms
Our company may change these Terms at any time without prior notice. The changed Terms shall take effect from the time they are posted on this website.

These Terms have been prepared in both Japanese and English. In the event of any discrepancy or difference in interpretation between the two versions, the Japanese version shall prevail.

Please note that the above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice due to changes in social conditions, advances in technology, changes in operational conditions, and other factors. We ask that you check the latest terms and conditions each time you use this website.

IMJ International, as of 20 April 2023.