About us

Hello everyone! We're a spirited team from the Czech Republic, now making our mark in Japan through our venture, Catamaran Japan. Stationed close to the scenic Enoshima Island in Shonan, we're all about the sea, outdoor adventures, and a profound respect for nature that resonates with every initiative we undertake.

Our primary offering is the MiniCat, a compact and portable inflatable catamaran that we're proud to bring to Japan. With MiniCat, the joys of sailing are no longer out of reach. It's about bringing your sea aspirations to life without breaking the bank, embodying our mission to make sailing accessible to everyone.

Crafted with care in our home country, the Czech Republic, the MiniCat stands as a beacon of sustainable manufacturing and eco-consciousness. We've chosen to import this product because it aligns with our commitment to quality, safety, and harmony with nature, ensuring you enjoy an untroubled sailing experience.

We understand that the realm of sailing can sometimes appear intimidating, often perceived as requiring a significant investment and cumbersome equipment. But that's where the MiniCat changes the game. Its affordability and portability make sailing a feasible venture for even the greenest of novices, opening up a world of marine exploration for all.

At Catamaran Japan, our greatest desire is to help you forge a deeper connection with nature and unleash new, exciting seafaring adventures. We invite you to journey with us into the endless possibilities that the sea offers.

We're ready and eager to support your maritime escapades. So, why wait? With us by your side, it's time to set sail on your sea adventure!

About MiniCat

Since 2006, nestled in the heart of Central Europe, the Czech Republic has been the manufacturing hub for an eco-friendly catamaran yacht. This process involves handcrafted production utilizing cutting-edge technology and premium quality materials. It has resulted in an impressive annual sales figure of over 500 vessels globally.

In 2006, Martin Horák, a young Czech sailor with a passion for the open seas, harbored a dream. His vision was to design a catamaran that was more user-friendly and comfortable. He aimed to create not just a plaything, but a high-performing sailing vessel.

Sailing has always been regarded as an expensive pastime. The combined costs of buying a boat, docking it at a harbor, and maintaining it are steep. However, Martin dedicated considerable time to creating a design that would make catamaran sailing more accessible and enjoyable for a broader audience. After two years and hundreds of trial voyages, he succeeded in developing a cost-effective, portable, and easy-to-transport catamaran yacht. Thus, the MiniCat inflatable catamaran was born.


4 sizes and 9 models

  • Can accommodate from 1 to 4 passengers
  • All models can be stored in 1 to 3 bags, weight from 27kg to 60kg
  • Can be assembled by one person in about 30 minutes (no tools required)
  • Remove the mast, add an outboard motor, and you have an instant tender!
  • 24-month product warranty
  • Spare parts and a wide range of accessories available

MiniCat models


Manufacturing Process

Regarding the manufacturing process, MiniCat catamarans have been proudly produced in a factory located in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic since the company's establishment in 2006. A majority of MiniCat's primary component suppliers are also Czech-based, ensuring a steady and reliable supply chain. For components that cannot be sourced domestically, MiniCat turns to renowned European manufacturers like Ronstan, Seasure, and Clamcleat.

Despite utilizing the most advanced technology at the MiniCat factory, the company opted against automated production lines. Instead, every boat is meticulously handcrafted by skilled Czech artisans. This commitment to quality is demonstrated through elements such as the cast aluminum frames, laser-cut sail panels, and beveled aluminum joints. Each MiniCat boat is built with longevity in mind, standing as a testament to MiniCat's high standards and quality craftsmanship.



As the MiniCat catamaran yachts are purposed for outdoor adventures, the company emphasizes the importance of environmentally conscious practices. They incorporate materials that are both friendly to nature and recycled in their production process. A prime example of this commitment is their collaboration with Tomáš Bata University in the Czech Republic. This partnership ensures the keel of each MiniCat yacht is crafted from 100% recycled plastic, showcasing their dedication to environmental sustainability.MiniCatのデザインを考えている人

Laura Dekker

Laura Dekker, the famous Dutch-New Zealand sailor who made international headlines when she became the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe at age 16, has long been a big fan of the MiniCat inflatable catamaran, and has been a MiniCat ambassador since 2010.


In 2009, during a stopover in Panama, Laura stumbled upon the compact MiniCat 310 and had the opportunity to sail it. She was awestruck by its petite size and impressive functionality. This experience led her to become a MiniCat owner. She now revels in the pleasure of sailing her own yacht, with the MiniCat on board for use when at anchor.

In 2010, she joined forces with MiniCat to craft her personalized MiniCat 420 Laura Decker Edition, modeled after the best-selling MiniCat 420 Evoque. The Laura Decker Edition is a high-tech, limited-edition model that introduces a variety of carbon fiber components. It features a matte-finished frame, a two-tone mast, a striking patterned mainsail and jib, and a newly designed trampoline adorned with the Laura Decker logo.Laura says, "Since the first time I saw a MiniCat being sailed I was so impressed at how so much fun could be had from an inflatable sailboat that you could carry in a bag. I was very excited to collaborate on the design of the new MiniCat and for it to have my name. I am sure that the owners of this great little boat will have as much fun as I do sailing it..."

LAURA DEKKER, the youngest person who sailed single-handedly around the world"